It all started when... after years of getting up every day filled with anticipation of the joys and challenges of running a retail garden center, I sold the business and found this concept called "free time".

I have always loved the written word, and my life has been filled with my nose in a book, or jotting down my thoughts on paper. Having written a blog for our business for years, I used photos to enhance and explain whatever I was writing about, but it wasn't until I had the time to just wander....with no direction needed...that photography started to take over my creative mind. 

I have a hard time explaining why I love photography & why I never want to stop taking photos. It really comes down to a couple things. One I love how wonderful photography is at preserving memories & recording history. But I think even more important is how a photo can make us "feel". It can allow us to enter a vision that someone else wanted to share with us. 

I am a storyteller at heart, I hope that you enjoy how I use my camera to tell it.  Whether I am shooting with my Nikon or my Iphone, I love how both give me the opportunity to capture a memory. Travel with me as I continue down this path, it's going to be a great ride.                                                                                      Susan Henderson