Day 2, Atlanta

Today felt like the run for the roses. We have been getting up each morning to do our yoga, the perfect way to stretch and relax before the frenzy of the gift show begins. A morning cup of coffee and then we were off for the show. The subway system in Atlanta is extremely efficient. North/South/East/West ~ not a lot of ways to get lost. You don't have to worry about changing stations too often or getting on the wrong train. A nice benefit when you are rushing through the turnstiles hurrying towards your destination at the show.

When you arrive at the Americas Mart station you get off the train and make the turn that takes you up the loooooong escalator up to Building# 1. We have thought each morning that it would be a good idea to skip the escalator and hike up the stairs that adjoin them to get the blood flowing and work up our energy. Yeah, I hear you, "What were you thinking?". We are going to be walking for eight straight hours at least, on our feet the entire day, but we feel the need to walk up the equivalent of nine flights of stairs. All I can say is it is actually a pretty nice feeling to accomplish this every morning!

The show today was extremely productive. We ordered a large amount of wonderful new books, some fun new gift items for the tweens amongst us, and new scents from The Thymes. We toured all the new offerings from Department 56, one of the premier makers of amazing Christmas items. Tomorrow it is off to Holiday Land, as we take to the aisles in search of all the best ornaments, tableware, and decorative accessories that we can find for next season.

Dinner tonight was at an extremely loud, but mouth watering Italian restaurant that we had visited on our last trip here two years ago. We filled ourselves with the most amazing food and then headed for the train back home. A light mist was falling as we came up out of the train tunnel and we lifted our faces to the sky to feel the moisture.

To be continued, Susan