It's a Snow Day

I closed the store at 3pm yesterday and headed home in the start of what appears to be Fallon's largest snowfall yet this year. With the whiteness swirling around me as I closed the gate I remembered once again why it would be helpful to carry gloves and a coat with me. I am a southern girl, raised in Florida. You would think after living here for the last 20 years that I would be accustomed to the changes in the weather that can happen pretty rapidly around here. I can hear my mother/daughter/husband now "I can't believe you went out without a coat".

These pictures are from my side yard early today. This is where I spend every morning as soon as the temperatures are even in the 50's. As long as the sun is starting to come up, I bundle up in my fleece and warm lined boots and head out there with my coffee and journal. Walking around out there this morning I longed for the day when I can resume this morning ritual. For now though I intend to enjoy the beauty of our snow covered valley. If you have pictures you would like to add to the blog of your own snowy yard, send them over and I will get them posted up.

I am on my way back outside to fill the bird feeders, and yes, I will have on a coat and gloves. Take care and stay warm, Susan