8th Annual Spring Garden Party

Spring Garden Party 2008, we are gathered here at the end of a long and beautiful day. The weather cooperated with clear skies and light winds and everything was amazingly beautiful. We had spent the better part of the last week "primping" like a high school girl for her first prom. Everything tucked into place and ready for the big day. We thank everyone who participated. We couldn't have done it without you!

Bill Mewaldt, our resident sommelier was on hand for a great wine tasting event.
Bob was back with his fabulous "Beer Brauts", that seemed to be a hit with everyone. (He still managed to cook a vegi burger for me though) Kevin and Michelle dropped by to see if he needed any "tasting assistance".
My best friend Kathy on the left, having just returned the day before from a 3 week adventure to Machu Picu, looking rested and wonderful. Lucia on the right, decked out in her new hat, all pretty in pink.
Mike McLain with Dr. Earth Organics and Kristen Smith with L&L Garden Supply, Marlea and Lucia
Kimmie & Kylie, helping Bob with serving and smiles!

The Magic Upside Down Tomato Plant. Andrew & Jason from Bonnie Plants were on hand to teach everyone how to create their own Upside Down Vegi Garden for the patio. A huge hit!

The Kissing Booth for CAPS, always a crowd favorite. Congratulations to Gin Bertsch, our winner of the 15 gallon Crab apple Tree!

Stuart Miller from Weeks Roses http://www.weeksroses.com/ was on hand to show off all the latest and greatest varieties of fabulous roses his company is growing.
A great time was had by all. We look forward to our next event.

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