Gardening in the Wind

OK, enough with the wind. I don't know about you, but I have had enough. I can take the cold, and I can certainly take the heat, but the wind just does me in. Not only does it dehydrate the plants at the garden center, it plays havoc with everything else in my yard. Bird feeders are on the ground instead of in the trees, cushions are flying over into the neighbors yards, and I have had enough bad hair days to last for the rest of the year!

Enough venting. On to gardening ..........and life in the rural desert. This week has been a typical Nevada spring week. We went from 95 on Sunday to 40 today. Right now I can hear the rain dripping off the roof, a welcome sound if there ever was one. Not only needed moisture, but it will sure help with keeping the dust down in all this wind.............oh yeah, enough about the wind. If you are like me, you probably have a few of your vegetables in the ground by now. Fortunate for all of us we won't be facing a frost this week. Just cool daytime temps and even cooler evenings. I spent the better part of today creating a new perennial bed. It measures about 10 by 5, and is just perfect for easy access for planting and tending to the flowers. I am excited about some of the new perennials that we are seeing coming out of Canada this year, and had to have a new place to put them. I will post a picture when the project is complete. Off to play in the garden. Till next time, Happy Gardening, Susan