Having the Blues.....in a good way.

Tonight is our 5th Annual Blues, Brews & BBQ concert in the River Garden. Robert and I spent the better part of yesterday up in Reno picking up all the last minute supplies that we need. It is a huge undertaking to put on an event of this size. We sometimes compare it to hosting a family wedding, only 2 or 3 times a year, EVERY year! You get all gussied up, the place has to look beautiful, the food needs to be wonderful, the selections for the bar top notch.....you work the better part of the month putting it all together, making sure all the phone calls have been made, make the posters and get them distributed, touch base with everyone that is going to help out.....sell the tickets...and then the magic begins. The sun goes down, there is a light breeze to cool things down, the music starts....everyone is visiting with long lost friends, or making new ones, and everything just feels right.

Robert and I are headed out the door.......have to get the smoker going that will cook the pork for the next 12 hours or so. Of course there are still lots of details left to do........get the bar area set up, make sure all the twinkling lights are working..and...and....and.....

Tomorrow I will post some pictures...hope you are in one or two enjoying the music with us.
Happy Blues, Susan