More Chicago

Faux Pas moment. Here are Melissa and I at the Top 100 luncheon that was put on by the publishers of Nursery Retailer. may remember.....The Flower Tree won an award last January for Top 100 Revolutionary Garden Centers. When we were walking around the convention center we kept seeing signs for Top 100 luncheon, so we decided to check it out. We walked into the room with music playing, crystal and china glistening on the table with champagne being poured. Naturally we thought that they meant us............turns out....they didn't. After sitting through the announcement of all the garden centers that HAD WON, we started getting a little queasy feeling when we not only didn't see our name up on the screen, but the ones that they were listing were THE BIG BOYS, THE 10 MILLION $$$ a year nurseries. Oh THAT TOP 100!!!! After having wonderful conversations though with everyone at our table, we just slowly sauntered out when it was time to pick up their plaques. Wow, talk about a faux pas moment. But at least it was an honest mistake, and a fun one at that.
One of the best ways to see the Chicago Skyline at night, the 96th floor of the Hancock Building.
Giselle in front of a beautiful Chicago night skyline.
These were globes from Thailand that were for sale at City Escape. The entire garden center was filled with artwork from all over the world.
Julie, Melissa and I enjoying a rest for a moment.
I didn't realize that they burn so much birch in the winter....until we started seeing it at every garden center that we visited. Seems to be in plentiful supply. I loved the textures in this shot.