America's Stonehenge

Now that the Red Zinnia is finally open ~ my life has taken on a small amount of normalcy. I wanted to try and get caught up on some of my latest life's adventures.

America's Stonehenge October 2008

This picture was to amazing not to share. While on our trip back east we planned a day at America's Stonehenge. Charmaine and I had been extremely fortunate to visit England's Stonehenge while in Europe back in 2001. We wanted to see what Salem, New Hampshire had to offer. She had found out about it while searching for things to "See & Do" in the area before we left. We traveled down a winding tree lined road, filled with detours and entered a wooded parking lot. While we realized that it would not have the same huge formations that we had seen in England, we weren't really prepared for the magnitude of this one. We entered through the gift shop, oh no, another gift shop, and got our tickets, sat through a short film about the area and what we would see and then headed out through the forest. It was a very cool rainy day, and the trails were slick with dew. The scent of the forest rose up all around us and as we were the only ones on the trail that morning it was all ours to enjoy. The guidebook that they had given us pointed out the different rock formations to look for, and their significance in monitoring the days of the year. We spent the better part of the morning here, lost in thoughts, taking at least a hundred photos between us, and just sitting in the forest. This photo was taken inside one of the many "caves" that were built out of rocks. It was just to awesome not to post. Kathy captured Charmaine and I was we walking out of the darkness. The rest of the day, our last full one on the east coast, was spent in quiet reflection of the enormous accomplishment of whoever had built this beautiful wonder.
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