Return to Flower Tree

This week marked the return of "normalcy" in my working/play world. Now that the Red Zinnia is up and going strong, I get to go back to my true love, the garden. It does not hurt that the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week. The sun shining, no winds, the birds by the hundreds picking at the seed heads left on the sunflowers out front. I walked and walked the nursery grounds today in between trying to get caught up on paperwork. The rose garden that just a few short months ago was filled with beautiful color is now sitting empty and sad, but the memory of the confirmation form for the 1500 that will arrive in 2009 that sits on my desk fills me with hope for next spring. The River Garden out back is so peaceful. I sometimes wish we had heaters out there so that people would just go and sit on the bench that overlooks the riverbed and enjoy the view. With most of the water gone you can see all the tracks of the wildlife that live there. Deer mostly, but smaller footprints that I don't recognize, perhaps skunks or muskrat. The hawks that have taken up residence in the giant cottonwoods across the river were circling in their hunt for food, their dance in the air, so graceful. I wandered down to the dock that sits behind the house and glanced down the river and spotted two deer crossing, probably just a small glimpse into the family that was with them. Harriet of course was with me the whole way, jumping out from behind bushes.....hiding behind blocks....waiting for my next move. Life is good. See ya soon, Susan