Look out 2009, Here we come.....

I finally realize what my parents, and their friends, were always talking about when they would say to me, "You just wait, the older you get, the faster the years go by." It seems like just yesterday I set up this blog, and now an entire year has gone by. When I first started it I wanted to be able to have a small way of keeping a running journal of what I did for the year at The Flower Tree. What it has turned into though is more of a look into my world. The Flower Tree of course plays a very large part, but it's all the other great stuff that filled my year that found it's way onto these pages. Thankfully, family, plays the largest role in my life. Not just the family here at home, or the love of my children and adorable grandchild to the east, but the Flower Tree and Red Zinnia family. We are a group of incredibly compatible friends, who are amazingly encouraging of each other, talented, thoughtful, and just plain fun to be around. It is this that makes everyday an adventure, in life - and friendship.

During the past year we saw some tremendous accomplishments - with the opening of Red Zinnia. For something that was merely a small thought last winter, it blossomed into the exact kind of store that we were hoping for. Now over the course of the next year we will continue to strive for new and exciting things to fill the shop.

As for me, I am not real big on New Years resolutions. I choose instead to live each day as the gift that it is, the present. I will make a vow though, to write more, and more important, to listen more. To walk under the stars and listen to the trees, to laugh till the tears come, to cook good food, plant more flowers and do more yoga......to be a good wife, Mom, Nana, and friend.

Happy New Year! Susan