Are You Twisted?

Twisted Oak Winery is coming to town! Our town! Our little space in the universe. Next Thursday night, February 5th, we are thrilled to be hosting Mr. Twisted himself, Jeff Stai. Many of you have been to his winery in Calavaras County - and it is because of you fine folks that we were introduced to their wines. We are converts. Their wines are wonderful. This last week was the start of their annual contest " Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Week". (You didn't think they got that Twisted name for nothing did you?) You can get all the info for the contest here: .

We are the proud owners of one of their special plastic chickens from when their rep was here for our winter tasting event out at the Flower Tree this last December. Over the next couple of days we will be making our best effort to capture the true spirit of our Fallon workplaces. Check out their website, and if you think you have a great workplace shot in mind, send it over to them. You might just win a $400.00 bottle of wine!!!!! And the bragging rights.

Don't miss it!
Twisted Oak Winery Tasting
@ Red Zinnia
Thursday Night 6 - 8 pm