This was the view of the Sierra's as we were driving south on Jack's Valley Road into Genoa. Absolutely breathtaking. The snow started that evening, and when we woke up the next morning the ground was silvery white with about 3 inches covering most everything. Thankfully for us warm weather drivers, it had cleared off the roads by noon when we headed into Gardnerville / Minden to do a little antiquing and thrift store searching.

The morning gathering around the table. The house had everything that we needed - for cooking, brainstorming, and relaxing.

View of the house on the way back from our morning hike.

Had to include this one because the coffee was so great. If you are over in the Gardnerville area, check it out.

Group photo before we head out of town on our way back to Fallon. Melissa and her Mom left a few hours earlier to catch some appointments, so we did the old "timer on a rock". We had hiked up to the old cemetery that morning and spotted a herd of dear in the sagebrush. A beautiful way to end our trip. We stopped in Carson City on the way home so I could show the girls where I had picked up the amazing new cabinet that we have placed in the Red Zinnia as our new tasting bar. I am a huge fan of used furniture stores, and will share a few of my favorites on a post soon. Lucia had a list of antique/thrift stores in Carson that she had googled and printed before we left, and we ventured into most of them, including another of my "Retail Comrades" the Purple Avocado, a great little gift shop voted favorite in Carson City many years in a row. But the absolute hit of the three days was this next little gem. We had set a time limit before we went in because we wanted to get home before dark to unload the vehicles, and it was a good thing. First one in the door, I turned around and yelled to Lucia, "oh my, you're never going to believe this one" and in we walked. This store is not for the "I must have everything in it's place Pottery Barn" type of person. This is the type of store that is a "retro/used/priceless/antique/junk store/recycled treasures" that is exactly what all of us love. Every inch of the floor, the walls, the windows, the ceilings - are filled with treasures. The five of us circled and circled each room, calling out to each other as we walked through each doorway leading into yet another treasure trove. We kept our time limit, sort of. But we left with all sorts of goodies and a new found friendship with the stores owner, Julie. As is our custom, we always ASK before taking pictures in another person's store. We know how hard it is to work our displays and keep everything looking fresh and inviting. Almost unanimously, not only have photos been welcomed, but it leads to conversation and new found friendships with the shopkeeper. This was the case with Julie, we talked blogs and gift shows, exchanged insight into the retail economy that we are all facing, and picked each others brains on upcoming ideas for spring. This final group photo was taken in front of the mirror that found it's way into the back seat of my truck! It will have a new home at Red Zinnia. I can't believe that I have been going to Carson City for 20+ years and never new about this little diamond, but I guarantee I will be going back often just to see what is hiding behind the next corner.

Korena modeling her gorgeous new jacket. The color absolutely stunning on her.

Well, Kimmie vetoed this idea for Red Zinnia, but it sure was fun visiting with their mascot "Sweetpea". And the perfect touch for her room filled with upcoming spring and Easter goodies.

We are already planning our next little get-a-way. See ya soon, Susan.