4th of July

We are traveling south at a pretty good clip now. After leaving New York City, Baltimore and Washington DC behind us, the road opens up and trees fill the view. We entered Virginia by crossing over the Potomac on yet another massive bridge. (I had forgotten living in the desert of Nevada how much I don’t care for the huge bridges back east) I don’t think I have seen this many rolling green hills since I left the island of Hawaii 29 years ago. It is breathtakingly beautiful and the weather has cleared so we aren’t dealing with the pouring rains anymore. We found a deeply wooded park to have a picnic, and watched as Cash expended his pent up energy from being in the car all morning climbing metal spirals and working his way to the slide. We stayed in Richmond, Virginia last night, and we were treated to an early fireworks display off in the distance...and our own private one on the patio as the lightning bugs swirled around our heads. The hotel Bob found for us on Hotwire was an amazing reproduction of Jefferson’s Montecello. That is if you ignored the sand volleyball, tennis courts, golfing and gold embellishments everywhere. We looked past all that to gaze on the views of the rolling hills, the perfectly manicured boxwood and brick paths that threaded their ways through the blooming trees. After a look at the pool, we sat outside and had dinner and then turned in for the night.

Got up this morning, had a nice early morning dip in the pool and we are back on the road once again. It’s the 4th of July and we have a lot of miles ahead of us today. Tonight we will stay in Charleston, South Carolina and I am looking forward tomorrow to showing Sara and Cash where I used to work downtown at the historic Charleston County Library, and where Bob and I lived on Folly Beach back in the early 70’s. This journey has been an easy one with Cash, so I guess I didn’t jinx it after all. He is a happy guy, as long as “Blue Bunny” is in his seat with him, there is a small box of raisins whenever he asks for one, and we get to go swimming every day. On the latter part, he is sure a lot like his Mommy. Till tomorrow, Susan