Where's Susan?

Today we set off for the coast of Massachusetts, by going out the front door, and walking down the path about 100 yards. We - Sara, Cash and I are staying with my Aunt Sue in Duxbury. Located about an hour south of Boston, she lives on the same bay that was the childhood summer home of her and my father. I have been to visit three times now since Sara moved to the Northeast, and each time it is more beautiful than the last. This morning we all set off for a walk down to the beach. The path takes us past the site where Myles Standish first settled, one of the founders of Duxbury in 1632. With storm warnings forecast for later in the afternoon we wanted to get in some outside time while the sun was still shining. The temperature here is in the mid 60's, but with all the humidity it felt much cooler. I know that all of you reading this back in Nevada would love this cool weather as you are suffering through the heat of summer. I will try my hardest to send some your way. We walked the shoreline picking up shells, watching the birds flying overhead, and the sailboats already out on the water. It was a beautiful morning, and Cash spent the majority of his time picking up the best rocks and tossing them towards the shore.
We decided to take advantage of the sun that was still peaking out at noon and headed over to Plymouth so Sara could see the beautiful town and soak up some of it's history. We visited the Mayflower, and pitched a penny or two at Plymouth Rock. On the way back to Duxbury the clouds were forming, and the thunder was starting to sound off in the distance. It was an hour or so later that the skies opened up with all the fury and the thunder and lightening put on a show. For me, a child from Miami ~ who now lives in the desert, this was a welcome treat. For those that live here, who haven't seen two consecutive sunshine filled days for over three months, it was a bit much.

Tonight, we are settled into a comfy warm room, and tomorrow Sara, Cash and I will head off on our journey. Traveling another 1000 miles or so south until we reach Jacksonville, where Travis has already arrived with their household goods. Of course there will be many stops along the way, after all we are traveling with a 2 year old, a garden lover, and a history buff! See ya soon, Susan