Sellwood treasures

This appeared to be a rather small independent book store from the outside, and there was actually a sign that read "We Are Much LARGER Than We look" posted outside. We ventured in and found that the caboose was just the front room, a clever way to catch your eye, and that the bookstore itself contained another 3 large rooms, and a small garden area with bird aviary.
It seemed like every shop we went in had a friendly greeter. This is once of three small wine shops that were located on the main street of the town.
Hula Hoops left outside in front of the children's toy shop. It certainly brought out the inner child in Michelle and Susan V., and made you want to venture inside to see what else they had to play with.
The bike basket that I fell in love with at the shop where we rented our bikes. Melissa kindly snuck it over to the counter and bought it for my birthday!! Watch for me tooling down to the store with this on my shiny red bike. I only wish we had had this BEFORE we had ventured to Sellwood, it would have come in handy for all our purchases.

Another friendly greeter inside a local design shop. Can you tell we were all missing our four legged friends back home?