Portland Saturday Market

What a great experience the Portland Saturday Market is. Every year when we head for the trade show this is on our "must hit" list. This year we lucked out that our hotel was just a few short blocks away, so we grabbed some coffee and headed up the hill towards the University park. We wandered around up and down picking out treats for our brunch. An amazing way to spend a Saturday morning.

$15.00 for these bouquets!!!! You would find one on my dining room table EVERY WEEK! (plus...check out the adorable table it is sitting on! I would love this for RedZin) Artichoke flower

Our brunch! A mix of gourmet cheeses, artisan breads, fresh fruit, and of course chocolate and a bottle of wine from Basket Case, one of the vineyards we carry at Red Zinnia. (This is where I first experienced their wines last year)

Too cool, and colorful. A display of carrots and beets.