Mr. Cooper's Visit

Mr. Cooper came to visit the nursery today. Last week his wonderful caretaker Waynette (Whitehead) VanFleet stopped by to pick up something and happened to mention that he had given her some old City of Fallon water meter covers and she was planning to use some of them to make a patio area. I told her about Mrs. Cooper's tree that we had planted in her memory in 2004, a lovely flowering crabapple that is out in our shade tree line. The tree has grown beautifully over the last 5 years, and is now quite large. Mr. Cooper has been out a few times over the years to see it and always has a smile for us as we share memories of Norma's many many many trips to the nursery. She asked if we might like one to put out under her tree as a memory marker. Of course I said yes, and we made plans for her to bring Mr. Cooper out the following week.

It was a very warm day, one of the last ones that we saw of the 90's this season, and Mr. Cooper sat in the shade and watched as Michelle and I placed not one, but nine, City Fallon Water Works meter covers around the base of Norma's tree. A beautiful day, and a lovely tribute to the love of his life. Posted by Picasa