Tahoe Sprouts

All you need sometimes in one simple day. Fill it with a great book, a wonderful friend, and clear blue skies. Last week my friend Linny and I ventured up to Tahoe for a well needed day at the beach. I don't know how so many days and weeks go by between visits, but it doesn't matter, because the moment you set your toes into the sand you feel like you never left. On the shoreline........ love the colors!
Can't you just hear the waves lapping on the shore? Someone or something had thoughtfully placed this large flat rock by the shore, perfect for sitting and meditating.

This is my absolute favorite healthy eating place ever. Located on the south shore of the lake, you can pick up a snack and walk over and sit on the shore. If you like fresh juices, try the "flu fighter" a mix of carrot, fresh oj, ginger, lemon, celery and parsley.