Garden Diary

I know I am always saying "write it down", so here are some of the things that went into mine this fall.....

The tomatoes did wonderful this year in the new back garden. While this was set up to be a "juicing garden" originally, it didn't quite work out that way. Best laid plans and all...........but the tomatoes WOW! I just picked the last of them last night in anticipation of the hard freeze that is on the forecast for this week. Since most are still green, they will get layed out in the garage on brown paper and ripen up gradually.

The gophers got the side yard again. All my "wishing them away" doesn't seem to be working.

The pumpkin that came up volunteer in the side garden was a beautiful plant all on it's own, even without the fruit. Next year I will plant one under a few of the trees in the back yard. They will get the drip, and the green will look great against the shredded cedar.

Plant more garlic and onions!

Plant more agastache..the hummingbirds loved it
(no, this isn't a picture of my diary..........just a beautiful old one)