Oktoberfest 2009

It was a cold-cold-cold afternoon, but as the music got started and the sun set, everyone seemed to warm up. With the fires going and the dance floor filling up, we settled back and enjoyed another evening under the stars at The Flower Tree. The music was great, Rock Creek Connexion, a Northern California band http://rockcreekconnexion.com/bios.htm provided some awesome tunes that got everybody hopping. A huge thank you to Toni for getting us the great dance floor, and to Big Ed's for serving up the food. This was our first venture into the country/country rock venue, and judging from the turnout, it won't be the last.

Up Next ??????

A few fans braving the cold.......

Lori and Linny bundled up at the ticket area

Rock Creek Connexion takes to the stage

Michelle and I relaxing into the evening

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