Rosemary 'Arp'

This post is courtesy of Michelle Nelsen, our Creative Designer @ The Flower Tree:

"I started keeping cut herbs in jars on the counter because I thought they were pretty. Just 3 or so, and it's easy to use them. They're already clean when I need them and they stay fresh in the water. (make sure and change it every few days)

What I discovered is that rosemary roots very quickly. Usually in 2-3 weeks. The first time I just used the herb and tossed the stems. The next time I let the roots get a little bigger and potted it them up in 1 gallon pots. (which by the way, The Flower Tree gives you free because they like to recycle). I'll let it winter in that pot up on the deck so I remember to water it and in the spring put it out in the yard. The variety I have is rosemarinus officinalis cv. 'Arp', which is a lovely culinary hardy evergreen variety that grow upright and blooms usually twice a year with pretty little bluish purple flowers. We get them from one of our favorite growers, Mountain Valley . Check out their website for good recipes too. We carry a large selection of their herbs during the spring/summer months.

My plant in the backyard after only 2 seasons. I will add many more this next year to fill in where I need a little bit of color in the winter.

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