Homegrown tomatoes for Thanksgiving...and Christmas

Forgot to post this one up last month, but it seems more fitting now. Last month, a couple of days after Thanksgiving, Bob and I had fresh delicious ripe ruby red tomatoes on our plate. We had picked all that we could before the last hard frost in early October and placed them in the garage on a makeshift table. Most were semi-green at the time and we had been pulling from them all month to savor the end of the season. BLT's, caprice salad, fresh roasted in butternut squash soup, I used them for juicing and just plain sliced with a little blue cheese on top.

Fast forward to December 13th, See that big lush beauty in the photo below...yep, that was on our plate last night with some fresh mozzarella and balsamic fig dressing....yum. And we still have about 40 tomatoes left out in the garage. We were worried last week after the -12 temps, that they froze, but it looks like the garage is better insulated than we thought, and we should be enjoying some more on Christmas Day, and possibly even New Years with the black eyed peas. They are ripening a lot slower now, and we will probably move some of them into the sunny windows in the house, but the flavor and texture is still magnificent. The other photo, crates of apples....sitting ready for Bob to make more hard apple cider & mead.....more on that next week.

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