Springs Arrival

Today, at 10:31 PST is the OFFICIAL first day of Spring, and all week we have been treated to its impending arrival. The sun has been shining, the winds relatively mild, and the birds have been singing their symphony every morning. I just came in from filling up the bird feeders and the fountain, and while it is extremely chilly outside at the moment, there is promise of high 60's on the horizon. The sky is a beautiful robins egg blue, and the sun is shining bright. Later this morning at the nursery, Michelle and I will be presenting a class on Edible Gardening, and I am excited to plant some new things in the back River Garden. We have quite a few weddings and events booked for out there already, and we want it to look overflowing with color by the time May rolls around.

Take some time today to enjoy this beautiful first day of Spring, I know I will.