Florida....and back.

It was back to Florida last week for a quick five days with the kids. We traveled over the Easter weekend to help them put up a fence at their new home, and managed to turn it into a mini Henderson Family Reunion when all of Bobs siblings were able to join us in surprising his parents in Brunswick, Ga for the day. Of course there were a couple trips to local nurseries involved. While the menfolk worked on the new fence, Sara, Cash and I tore out some of her front shrubbery beds and started the transition to the perennial cottage look that she was wanting. Flowers - flowers - flowers filled the beds by the time we were done with the first stage of the plantings. Robert's sister had brought hostas, crepe myrtle and crocosmia from her beds in South Carolina so we found some nice new homes for those as well. The only thing we didn't get planted was the new banana plant that we had found at one nursery. A dwarf variety that won't bear fruit for a few years, the perfect spot was in the way of the fence builders. Sara will take care of that one on her own. It was a wonderful visit, alas - way to short, but we did manage a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo so Cash could show his PaPa how to feed the giraffe.