Greetings from Chicago!

Michelle and I wandering through the wildflower preserve
The last few days have flown by in such a blur; I am not real sure where to start. We arrived in Chicago late Saturday and hit the ground running, or riding I should say, because our first order of business was to head down to the Navy Pier and rent bikes for the entire week first thing Sunday morning. Chicago has the most amazing bike system of paths and marked roadways, that it is truly the best way to see the downtown city area. Bike paths line the entire shore of Lake Michigan from North to South, and most of the major thoroughfares have designated bike lanes as well. The Navy Air and Water show happened to also be this last weekend down on the shores of Lake Michigan, and we quickly realized that riding through the crowds estimated at over a million was not the way we wanted to spend our first full day in downtown Chicago. We got the map out and headed North towards Lincoln Park and the Liberty Square area, taking time to stop in front of Wrigley Field for a quick pic. Of course we found some amazing little eclectic shops, to start our “Retail Finds Tour” and a quaint little cafe for lunch. The first day we put over 25 miles on the bikes, and I think we could have gone another 20 or so if it hadn’t gotten dark. And yes, we are wearing our helmets at all times!!!
Monday afternoon our friends from Every Bloomin’ Thing in Susanville, Melissa and Susan, arrived, and we spent the day on bikes acquainting them with some of our already favorite areas. The Independent Garden Center Show has been all we could have hoped for. With keynote speakers like Jaime Drurie, from HGTV, and P Allen Smith, a free concert by America last night, and specials to found on every aisle, this has been the best show I have been to in many years. A few views of our adventures in Chicago...........

Nighttime on the river, hard to see - but there were over 100 kayakers in the water.....breathtaking with the city lights.
The girls, enjoying lunch at "Gage" WOW!!!!!
Of course we had to ride the bikes to see Wrigley Field. On the way we found Half Acre Brewery. Small batch, only available in Chicago. Wish we could bring some back to Bob. They gave us a tour and a taste.
Found at the IGC Show - Creative Chicken Coops for small town/ city living. Michelle was putting her order in when I walked past. That and a copy of "City Chics" and she's all set!
Ordering the new David Austin roses for next season......ahhhhhhhhhhh
New cold frames we ordered to fit over the Square Foot gardens.....

Michelle, Mr. Square Foot Gardening himself, Mel Bartholmew, and me
Half Acre Chicago
Half Acre - Sorry Bob, can't bring it back on the plane......