today in my garden.....

Mabel keeps a very close eye on me from inside.
Early morning, the sun had just come up over the willow trees in the front yard, and wrapped in my soft cotton robe, with a steaming cup of coffee I ventured to my wicker chair on the front porch to plan out my day. It's been pretty busy in "SusanWorld" for the last couple weeks, what with a camping trip, nursery trade show in Reno and trees arriving for Fall at the nursery. I have missed my time in my garden. The weather could not have been more beautiful today with the sun shining bright, no wind and the birds playing in the new seed I set out last night in the side yard. First task at hand: pull up all the calendula that has overtaken, in a pretty way, the entire area under my roses out front. Shades of yellow and orange have been a beautiful ground cover all summer but it is time to mulch in the roses for winter and do some clean up. Anyone my age will certainly have memories of the many times you heard Carol King signing "I feel the Earth Move Under My Feet", (I know, it's in your head now!). As I was pulling up the calendula the earth was literally moving under my hands as the earthworms danced in the sun trying to get back underground. I know I have told you before, but the combo of worm castings and cocoa mulch works!! if you want to bring earthworms to your garden, and have them stay there and multiply.
peppers for tonights dinner

YES......I too, still have plants to get in the ground.

Next it was on to fertilize the lawn. Sure wish I had done this job before we had those marvelous rains of last week, but we were out camping in that storm. I was given a sample bag of Kellogg's Gardner & Bloome new lawn fertilizer so I could do a little test study on my own lawn. They have formulated this new organic to compliment the rest of their soil lines and fertilizers. I did the north side of my lawn with Dr. Earth and the south side with Gardner & Bloome. Will keep you posted if I notice major differences in the results. Both have living microbes and other wonderful organic components. Only wish: neither one puts the settings on the bag for the spreader.

The rest of the day, bike riding, resting and reading, gathering peppers and tomatoes that wil make up part of our dinner for tonight.....ahhhhhh Fall in Fallon. Gotta love it. See you in the big garden, Flower Tree, soon, Susan 

geraniums will be coming in soon

Cody C helped me plant this new multi branched birch in the side yard.