Garlic Planting with Bill Mewaldt

We started preparing the new garlic patch about three hours before the class was to begin. The ground that we chose out in the back display garden does not receive any water other than where the drips are around the trees and planting beds, and from rainfall - so it was very dry and compacted soil. We raked back the shredded cedar from the area, and then soaked it four times, about an inch deep. It took about 20-30 minutes for it to completely soak in each time. Then we fired up Rose's little rototiller and started loosing up the soil. This is where I should tell you to be very careful with these little tools. While they are quite effective in breaking up the soil, they are also pretty good at cutting right through an existing drip line.
We then added 1 bag of each:
 Gardener & Bloome Farmyard Blend
Gardener & Bloome Soil Building Compost
Gardener & Bloome Organic Vegetable Fertilizer

Rose firing up the Honda
Organic amendments, ready to be tilled into the soil

Garlic all layed out, ready to be planted

Bill placing the garlic into the soil. 2-3 inches

Our "Garlic Guru" Bill Mewaldt, owner of Mewaldt's Organic Farm here in Fallon.
Yes, I really did cut through the drip line, but lucky for me, it had to be moved to cover the garlic bed anyway.