Spring Forward!

Well as much as I positively hate losing an hour to daylight savings, I have to say - SPRING FORWARD - sounds pretty darn good about now. I went on a nature walk of my own today around the Sparks Marina. http://www.cityofsparks.us/living/parks/marina/ It is a two mile path around the whole lake and what a lovely day to do it. The air was crisp, the mountains in the distance to the west were covered with snow, the clouds many and a few drops of rain even touched my cheek. The marina has a lot to offer for a horticulturalist nerd like me. I was on my walk with a friend who's husband is one of Bob's partners on his dual sport dirt bike rides. We had spent the night at their home at the marina and as we leashed up their two labs to go with us I was thrilled that such a beautiful path is basically right out their front door.

So many varieties of trees surround the lake I could not even keep track. Pears, plums and crab apples just to name of few of the varieties that will be covered in blossoms soon from the looks of their heavily swollen budded branches. With temperatures predicted in the high 60's this coming week, possibly even 70! Spring Forward really is appropriate. Amazing cotoneaster hedges overflowing the retaining walls, wonderful burning bush lining a large part of the path. I am going to go back soon, just to see everything again when it is all leafed out.

If you have the chance, skip part of the time you might have planned for the Legends Shopping center or Scheels, and take the short walk west to where the path starts. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Stop and sit on one of the many benches and tables provided, sip on a cup of coffee from the vendor right there and enjoy the day. It is a beautiful park, right smack in the middle of the city. And yes, the dogs thoroughly enjoyed it too.

When we got home mid-afternoon I walked around the yard to survey what the wind damage was from the other day and to take note of my own flowering trees and shrubs. Tree limbs and twigs were thrown about and covering parts of the garden, but my branches are just as ready to greet the upcoming Equinox on the 20th of this month as the ones were at the Marina. And the best part of my stroll around my own garden, these beauties were also here to surprise me. First ones for me this season...ahhhh SPRING FORWARD - yep, See you soon, Susan