Tradition renewed

A few years ago we embarked on our own informal garden tour of Flower Tree "family" gardens. We picked one evening each week and penciled in on the calendar whose garden we would be touring that week. Over the course of the late summer we enjoyed each others bounty of blooms and had a chance to reconnect after the busy spring season. Thanks to Jaime, we have rekindled this relaxing tradition this summer, and so it seemed only fitting that we start at her garden this last week. The weather was perfect, a light breeze, gorgeous sunset, amazing food and libations and the added bonus that her Mom is here visiting from Southern California so we got to spend time with her also.

Jaime's gardens are filled with surprises at every turn. A little statue tucked in here, a grove of trees there, a portager garden filled with herbs beckoning you to explore further as you try and identify the multitudes of varieties growing among the pebbled pathways, chardonnay grapes ripe for the picking, a large platform placed strategically for sunset viewing over the swaying alfalfa fields - you get the picture - beautiful , serene and relaxing.

Next week it is on to Sooz's gardens, where something tells me we are in for roses, roses and more roses. Can't wait!

Thank you Jaime! It was a wondefully relaxing evening.