Lucky Purchase for Linda

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you get a LOT more than you paid for. We sold a beautiful wrought iron arch today that came with a nice little surprise bonus. Rose and I had moved this arch on Saturday from where it was tucked into the Jeepers Creeper white rose garden up by our large fountain. On Sunday morning one of our first customers of the day walked in and saw it and wanted it immediately. What she, nor I knew, until we started to take it apart was that she was getting the extra added bonus of 5 beautiful Praying Mantis egg sacks with it. We showed her what they were and explained that they would hatch in the Spring. Other customers there at the time were glad to see them also, as they had been destroying them thinking they were wasp nests. So check out the pictures, and look for these in your own garden. If you find one, or maybe you will be lucky to find 5, just leave them alone. In the spring out will come possibly 100's of baby praying mantis, the most
natural bad bug predator you could hope for. Praying Mantis research

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