Playing at Red Zinnia

I GOT TO PLAY AT RED ZINNIA TODAY!!! Now that the season is slowing down a little at the nursery I get to rotate into the schedule at the Zin once and awhile. I am ALWAYS amazed at the displays that Lucia and Vivienne create, it is such a joy to step through the door. For me, it is back to the garden tomorrow, but stop in at Red Zin, they would love to see you, and I think you will enjoy what's in store.....for you there. See you soon, Susan

fun, fun, fun - I was the one who got to unpack all the new fall and winter scarves from Tickled Pink today, sorry...this set is going home with me!
Lots and lots...of new jewelry is now finding its way to the store ...
Don't know which is prettier, the artwork, or the beautiful displays that Lucia creates with it
Everyone ......has someone that would love this book!

yep - perfect gift for those little grand babies, the new version of Boogie Monster, complete with CD

ahhhhhhhh  Fall is in the air, new colors and fun accessories are arriving almost daily

always fighting him about where he left the hammer?  you probably won't be if you use this one!
new cookbooks and supplies 
oh, and OF COURSE, the best selection of wine..

and beer.......around!
stop by, sit and relax for a little while, we would love to see you!
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