This morning in my garden

I was the fortunate one when my daughter got a new camera - I got her old one. Some shots from this morning, bear with me as I learn how to use it.
Henry Fonda - my favorite yellow rose, for the moment
Cherry Parfait / died to the ground the winter of 09, but coming back nicely

Love, love, love zinnias!
Hummingbird Heaven - not a single morning goes by that I don't look out the window and see one on this plant. (agastache)
Chaste tree 'vitex' in full bloom, another hummingbird magnet
When I try and talk you into planting a Sally Holmes climbing rose - THIS IS WHY. This one also died back to the ground in the terrible winter of 09, but look at it now. This is one LARGE clump of blossoms.
buds are the palest of pinks
what first appears to be a small cluster of buds turns into the magnificent one above.

See you in the garden again soon.