Lucia's Winter Wonderland

Every year around the holidays we girls gather up some snacks and our creative spirits and we flow over to Lucias house. She does the holidays in a BIG way, a BIG VINTAGE way! and we all love it. We wander from room to room and marvel at the inspired way she has not only decorated her home, but her life as well. Most all of the decorations are vintage inspired, and at least half of them are handmade by Lucia herself, including this gorgeous wreath constructed from old ornaments. After touring each room we settle in either for an old movie, or a craft project. This year was a "craft" year - so with Mod podge and paper in hand we started creating an ornament. Many hours of laughter and good food later we ventured back out into the cold with a memory to hang on the tree, and a memory in our hearts. Thank you Lucia, can't wait for next year!


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.............
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