Natural Wreaths (Evening Class)

Michelle's second Natural Wreath Class took place this past Wednesday evening. It was a little chilly out in the green room, but with the fire sparked and the laughter flowing, it felt pretty warm to me. Because it was going to be dark by the time the ladies got started with class, Michelle had come in earlier in the afternoon and gathered twigs and berries...pieces of mossy branches...a little bit of everything from the back gardens. She had also brought in her own dried artichoke flowers from her summer garden. They were beautiful on the wreaths. Add a little here, put a little there, and the end results were natural and creative reminders of  gardens past, and the holidays ahead. Everyone had a great time, and the creative juices were flowing.......take a look for yourself.  
Michelle is hiding behind the wreath she made as the demonstration. Lucky, lucky me...I got to take that one home to hang on my own door.

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