High Hand, a royal flush!

A few shots from today's visit to High Hand Nursery in Loomis, Ca., a true gem in the hills outside Sacramento. Mel had been to this nursery four times, WITHOUT ME! Not sure how that could be, as we seem to discover these pearls either by chance, or by traveling across the pond, yes, the big pond - because this garden center truly rivaled any that we have been to in England or Scotland. Laid out in the framework of the old High Hand fruit stand - they have incorporated all the old buildings, the loading docks, even the old delivery trucks and vintage appliances take center stage at every turn. The only problem I encountered - we only had two hours.....a definite return trip is already planned and this time I will hopefully be bringing all the girls with me.

One of the highlights of the day ........I like old things as much as I like plants, some days ....when the universe lines up just right, you get plants AND old things, and that is what occurred today. I was walking though the many trails of greenery when Mel says "We better go look inside, we are going to run out of time and I really want you to see the gift shops and pottery they have." Off we go through a door that was once part of the fruit loading dock, past an amazing array of pottery and land right smack at the front door of ~ The Vintage Bricoleur ~ an absolutely lovely little shop tucked in like it was fit from the original rafters. After meandering around every little nook and cranny I struck up a conversation with the owners, Terry and her husband Danny. Over the course of the next half hour we shared stories of blogging and collecting, and as most often the case, shopkeeping. It was a great way to end the afternoon. http://thevintagebricoleur.blogspot.com/
High Hand, a definite Royal Flush!