King, Queen, Double or Twin, What size is your Raised Bed?

The Susan & Michelle Show

Yesterday was a record turnout for our Raised Bed class, and the fact that we were inside the green room, comfy and warm vs. outside planting was sure a surprise. But it worked out wonderful ~ and we got to enjoy over 60 wonderful green gardeners that came prepared with ideas and questions. You all continue to inspire us with your thoughts and plans for the upcoming gardening season....we sure do appreciate it!

so, Dave Faulk (Rose's husband and our resident computer go-to guy) videotaped the class for us yesterday, and he is in the process of editing 90 minutes down to 10 so that we can use it on our YouTube channel. As soon as it is ready I will post up here ~ with some of the great questions that we got in the class and our notes. More later ~ Susan

My lovely assistant Charissa picked the
lucky raffle Grand Prize winner.
Raised Bed
Kit went to the Miller's~ Congrats