getting comes PLANTING TIME

Got lucky today and had some time to spend out in my own garden instead of the BIG one down at the store. The winds are finally letting up, and the sun is shining ~ it's gardening time. The raised bed is all cleaned out and ready for herbs and lettuce, and Bob helped me move four more wine barrels into place to hold all the tomatoes that I have planned for this year. I'm trying the new Gardner & Bloome Eden Valley potting soil in the raised bed, will keep you posted on my thoughts. I used it on some houseplants about two months ago, and so far I am seeing exceptional lush green growth on them. We will see how I like it outside. The plumcot tree is COVERED in gorgeous white blossoms, I just hope we don't get to many more late freezes as it is to big to cover anymore to save them. 
Got the roses all cleaned out, this little tool about my favorite, besides the soil scoop. Had only planned to clean away all the leaves and such, but .....when I couldn't get ahold of Sooz to talk me off the ledge I went ahead and pruned these up...I know it's early, but these are shrub roses and I actually used the grass shears to prune them :} easy and quick. I will faithfully wait till around the 15th of April before tackling the hybrid teas and the David Austin's. . .  promise!

here is a good shot of the wine barrel I am always talking about that is my "Winter Compost Bin". I put all my juicing scraps and kitchen greens in it all winter rather than opening up my big bin. You might remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about winter seed sowing outdoors, well here is the picture to prove that it works, even if you weren't trying. This squash seed sprouted, not even sure what it is, but I covered it back up because it is supposed to be in the high twenties this coming week. I will let it grow here in it's happy home and will keep you posted as the season grows along when I can maybe determine what variety it is. Doesn't matter, I love them all.

and on a personal note.....
Happy 38 to us......

it's been a heck of a ride, taking us on many different paths along the way, here's to the hope it doesn't slow down anytime soon.