A day in my rose garden

Yesterday was a much needed day off and with the sunshining' and no wind it was also the perfect chance to get some roses pruned up. My son-in-law Travis arrived the night before, for a one day, all too quick visit and he helped me put some new ones in the ground, dig out some grass and mulch everything with the sweet sweet smell of chocolate, cocoa mulch. I think that these are the memories that stand the test of time. Getting your hands ~ and feet dirty, working the soil together and talking.....just talking. I miss this man tremendously, he is raising up two wonderful sons with my even more amazing beautiful daughter ... and we never seem to have enough time together. So today as he heads off for the Grand Canyon for a motorcycle adventure with his high school best friend, I will come home tonight, sit on the front porch, admire the hard work we finished yesterday and enjoy.....the memories.