Took this shot a few minutes ago. Must admit, I never really liked rhubarb much growing up. Just wasn't something we had very often. But since moving to Fallon I have tried it a number of times, mostly in jams that are made by friends here in town. I started this plant from a small 3" Bonnie offering last year and while it didn't do a whole lot, the leaves were pretty. It never flowered though so this kinda took me by surprise the other morning when a small ball was on the tip and then this flower EXPLODED out of it the next day. I had a fellow gardener in the nursery the other day asking if she should remove the flower and we did some research and found out that yes...you need to remove the flower to send energy into the stalks...the part you use to make those delicious yummy jams and pies. Well...I am growing mine more for the leaves as Rose and I have a project to do with them, and so I am going to leave the flowers on for awhile. They are just too pretty to cut short their time in my garden.

Hope you get a chance to get out there and get your nails dirty today, I will ~ Susan
Some good general info:
rhubarb recipes: have to admit, the rhubarb upside down cake looks pretty tempting....