A day in the garden

 There are some days when the temps are so hot...like today (101) that you really don't want to be out weeding or working in the garden. But the call to be amongst your plants is so strong that you bring out the big pitcher of water, apply the sunscreen, wear the water proof sandals and "buck up" and enjoy it. Today was such a day. I am one of those people that can cool down in an instance...with water.
 My well and pump thank me for the way that I use them to their optimal potential each and every day. What I really don't like though is getting that lecture that goes like this "ah, did you know ...you left the water on...all day.!!!! in the side yard". I try, really hard, to only get that call once, or twice a season.

The SunGolds never, ever, ever make it into the house. They are planted strictly to enjoy in the garden. As the sweet taste enters your mouth and the juices pop, everything just kinda seems right with the world. This is why you garden. Everyone needs a little of that sweetness in your life.

I also stand in the garden eagerly awaiting the arrival of that first bright BIG red tomato. You know, the one that you put between the two pieces of a fresh baked whole wheat bread, slathered with REAL mayonnaise and you just sink your teeth in. With the temperatures we have had the last few days, I don't think it will be very far away.

I grow the dill for a friend, that makes the very best pickles,   

Crocosmia "Lucifer" has arrived. The red spark a beautiful contrast in the garden
As the Fallon sunset once again helps me appreciate living in the desert, I drag myself back into the house, a little after 8pm, a lot cooler and very grateful...for a Day in the Garden.