Garden Girls ~ Lucia's

Signs.....signs....everywhere a sign. While this may remind you of a certain song from my generation, Lucia's gardens exemplify not only the literal but the figurative view of the song as well. Lucia has planned and built her gardens around her acreage with light, wind, harsh sun and all the elements Fallon can throw at you in mind. You see signs of careful thought in placing her whimsically created miniature gardens just where they need to afternoon shade, to take advantage of the smaller containers and water use. Signs of her love of the mountains are highlighted as you turn a corner and alpine style gardens filled with ferns, hydrangeas and daisies lay at your feet. You see signs of her strategic placement of her roses in wine barrels not only because she is dealing with sometimes poor soil, as many of us are, but also so that they gather all the sunshine possible in between her huge old cottonwood trees that grace the property. And then there is her art, signs of her artistic skill and creative mind are placed just out of direct sight, so that you are constantly searching for what hides behind the next corner. On this late summer evening, as we settled down for dinner after our garden tour and watched the amazing sunset, I gazed around the table at all the smiles, and listened to the laughter fill the air…..and I reflected on how very fortunate we Garden Girls are ….to have these evenings together as signs of our friendship.

this is one of many that help keep the grass down out in the pasture 



 espaliered quince, who would have thought.....