Change of View

Sitting in my morning spot this last week, gazing around the room filled with books and plants, I realized that I was missing something. The sunrise. Late afternoon, after a full day in the garden I came back in for a drink of water and decided to change up the front room. Lucky for me the hardwood floors make everything pretty easy to move around and after about 15 minutes I sat down and relaxed for a moment. I liked the way it felt. It wasn’t until the next morning when I was greeted with this magnificent sunrise that I realized how important it is sometimes to change up our view.
I walked outside this morning to see all the leaves covering the ground that I had just raked on Monday. I got a little discouraged for not being able to keep up with my garden chores. Rethink; I will look at them as what they truly are, part of the life force of the tree that gave me such pleasure and shade all season long. Now that the leaves have fallen I can see the foundation of the tree, the strong branches, and the growth from this last year reaching towards the sky. The roses that are dry and frozen, never having reached their full beauty, but still a reminder of the sweet strong scent that greeted me each and every morning as I walked out the front door, coffee cup in hand, headed for the side courtyard.
Yes, I still have trees to plant, 3 of them…at least.....but most everything else has made it into the ground. These would have been in their new home this last week too if we (the husband and I) could just agree on where they should go.
I have more new wine barrels that are now filled with soil and waiting for next year’s salsa garden. Raised bed gardening now the only way for me. I had such nice success last year with everything, easy to control the soil and the nutrients, totally organic methods, easy to harvest and clean up…..what more could a gardener want?

And yes, I still……..have some mulching to do. But the fountain is cleaned and drained, most of the clean-up of the season is done, and the mammoth sunflower house that my grandson Cash and I enjoyed this summer is now harvested and placed where the birds will find refuge and food all winter.

My change of view, I’m kinda liking it.