Forced to......CHILL

Early morning  as the sun starts to rise, I looked out the window, with frost sparkling on the ground, and just a tiny hint of  pogonip in the trees. (For those of you not from around these parts, that is a Shoshone word meaning "cloud", or the freezing fog that forms dense ice particles that surround the trees in crystal like loveliness)  There sitting so quietly, because after all is winter, I saw my carved Adirondack chair outside on the back deck.

This worn wooden chair is one of my spring/summer/fall favorite evening spots. This is the chair where I can sit and gaze out to my old fashioned English rose garden, book in my lap and dogs attentively waiting for me to throw their ball, at my feet. I went in to get my camera, because I wanted to do a visual reminder, that during this season of near constant states of excitement, that sometimes it is just good practice to "chill".  I centered on that fact that I  should pay attention and heed the call of what it was telling me. Why...on this morning, did it call to me. Why....on this morning did I step outside in stocking feet, with the air temps in the teens to take this visual reminder.

Fast forward 24 hours. Little did I know, that on one of the happiest and biggest days at the nursery during the winter season that I would get the chance to do just that, sit in a chair.

Family Day @ The Flower Tree happened without me this year. And that makes me very sad. I plan......... and look forward.......... to this day all  season. We gather greens the week before for the classes. The kids pounce in the nursery to great Harriet in and make their pine cone bird feeders, and the Mom's and Dad's get all excited hearing the story of the Yule Log while they make their very own to take home. Michelle always has lots of creative projects that she demonstrates throughout the day, and we are loading up lots of living Christmas trees that have found a new home. I LOVE FAMILY DAY! But this year, I spent it in the chair, not this chair, but a chair never the less. 

Darn the lessons I still need to learn. The ones that have been telling me to slow not load trees by hand when a perfectly good forklift is right near...TO PROTECT THE ONLY BACK THAT I WAS not overdue it. 

Well I guess I did, overdue it. Hope to see you soon. Susan