Tree Huggers Dream

The last few days were spent surrounded by trees. Jaime, Sooz and I set out for the Linden/Lodi area in search of the best trees and shrubs we could find to fill the nursery this spring. We "tag" our own trees whenever possible at the growing grounds. Some may think it is just a way for us to get out of winter for a few days and be surrounded by flowers and beautiful trees. Flowering trees, evergreen trees, BIG TREES, small trees, trees ready to burst with fruit in the near future.....they may be just a little bit was this tree huggers dream come true. 

First stop, Normans Nursery in Linden. We found some of the most amazing fruit trees I think we have ever had. After last years banner fruit crops, it will be nice to have some new varieties to share with our gardening customers. 
 picnic lunch in the orchard
  Quick tour of one of the cloning/rooting greenhouse led to perfect timing for us, Raul was trimming up all the rosemary and sent us home with a massive bag full of clippings. 

seeds in the greenhouse, these will be the shrubs we purchase in about two years time

 tree purchases and tagging complete, it was time to head to Lodi to meet with Stuart Spencer, Program manager for the Lodi Winegrape Commission. Of course we had to try a few of his recommendations also.

last stop on a great trip, Eisley's Nursery in Auburn.
2 days later......HERE COME OUR TREES!!!!!!!