Deux short days away

Update on the garden; NO I COULDN'T WAIT!!! I know that everyone at the nursery will tell you that you shouldn't prune your roses until somewhere around April 15th. We do that for a very good reason. If you prune to early in the season, the new growth that is stimulated by the pruning will have a strong possibility of freezing once again. The problem is, there aren't a whole lot of days available to spend in my own garden during this busy time of year, so I have to grab them when they come. And yesterday, it came. I got the newly sharpened tools out, put on the double thick gloves and went after it. I had every intention of doing one small area of the front yard, and six hours later......they were done.....and so was a whole lot more. Next is on to the side yard.

So with the Spring Equinox just two short days away, what are you doing in your own garden his week? Temperatures are set to be in the 60's again here this week, the sun is shining, the wind has abated...for today, and the birds are making their nests everywhere. I love this time of year!!! See you in the garden soon, Susan