Planting, it's for the BIRDS

Once again the Lahontan Stillwater Conservation District is having their annual tree sale. I have watched in my own neighborhood as the ash trees that were planted as short little 3' bare roots are now strong mature trees providing a beautiful windbreak on my neighbors property. A windbreak is usually made up of one or more rows of trees or shrubs planted to provide shelter from the wind and to protect the soil from erosion. If designed properly, windbreaks around a home can reduce the cost of heating and cooling and save energy. One of the best benefits in my eyes though, is the habitat it provides for the birds and wildlife.

People are going to wonder.........why are you sending people elsewhere to buy trees when you own a nursery?Here is my answer; First off.....because Marlea Stout, our manager of the Flower Tree for the first 8 years we owned it is now one of the project directors for the Conservation District. We believe strongly in the goals of what she and the board are doing in our valley. And second, many of you, like Bob and I, live on one acre properties or much larger. While it would be great to purchase 100 mature trees to line a property, or group together massive shrubs as a habitat, it just isn't really economically feasible for most. Even those of us that own nurseries!! So that is why we ENCOURAGE you to take advantage of this sale. Bob and I will be adding some shrubs from this list to our own property, and we hope you will do the same. Just click on the link to take you to their order form, but hurry, you only have until March 30th to take advantage of this promotion.

Lahontan Stillwater Conservation Districts Annual Tree Sale

and of course...........we are open 7 days a week to help you with those MATURE trees and shrubs whenever you are ready to plant!!! See you in the garden soon, Susan