Plein Air ~ Summer 2013

Another wonderfully successful gathering of artists made our day so special. With their contributions of art, and those from our bidders we are happy to announce that we have added $1048.00 to the "Building on a Creative Life" scholarship fund. As some of you may know, this fund was set up in memory of our dear friend, and wonderful artist, Linny Moore. She passed from this earth way to soon, and our semi-annual Plein Air events are just a small way that we can honor her memory. We look forward to awarding scholarships to many artists over the next few months. To apply, or if you know an artist that we could assist,  please download an application here.. We look forward to the Fall event.
Jaime Sammons 
Michelle Nelsen
Lori Bishop
Lonne Sheldon
Barbara Albright 
Rochelle Langston
Kim Rowlett
Sarah Riggle
Dan Sperl 
Kevin Sammons
Marcia Ernst
Annie Rojas 
Jan Stotts
Mari Nathanson
Denise Johnson 
Monica Fairbanks
Tulsa Harrison 
* Cash Thompson 
(* special thank you to Dan Sperl for helping my grandson 
Cash create his own painting)