Embracing the past

Many have been into my office at the nursery and been temporarily mesmerized by the south wall. Filled with photos, posters and other memorabilia, over the years it has turned into a  somewhat of a giant scrapbook page. If you have worked at The Flower Tree, odds are....you are up here. Weddings, graduations, birthdays and just plain fun days....all are here. As I move into this next few weeks before permanently removing and packing up all of these memories, I  thought I would share a few here.



 This poster has hung on the office wall since shortly after September 11, 2001. While on our way to England for a garden tour, the tragic occurrences of that day stopped our trip and we stayed in San Francisco for a few days awaiting a way to get back home to Fallon. During those days, Charmaine and I wandered the eerily quite streets of the city and found ourselves in a little shop down in the Haight district. The principle behind the little non-profit store, tucked in behind another, was to promote peace throughout the world. This poster was one of many items they had for sale to fund their efforts. It has hung on my wall since our return and over the next 12 years I found strength and humor in it on many a day. It just kind of sums up The Flower Tree too, except we romp on the floor with our cat....sweet Harriet.