Mt. Whitney bound

Mt. Whitney, rising to 14,497' is the tallest point in the contiguous United States. Not one to be able to climb to its top, at least at this point in my life, I can sure park myself at its base and marvel at its beauty. The drive in was easy, the roads passable and well maintained, we set up camp at the Tuttle Creek Campground outside Lone Pine. Quiet and peaceful there were only two other camps set up in the massive park. Hiking was over large boulders and down massive washes, and the sounds of the creek lulled us to sleep at night. The stars filled the night sky as we listened to the coyotes off in the distance. A beautiful start to a southern trip.  
graffiti as art????  art as graffiti???

creek side that we parked along

 hope to return some day in the Spring and see the wildflowers in all their glory

 between a "rock and a hard place"
 this is the guy that got me here, thanks Bob