Grand Teton NP

The drive from Yellowstone was filled with beauty at every turn, but I sure was anxious to see the spread of the Grand Tetons in the distance. One of those "Oh my" moments when your mind catches up to all the visions it has seen from this area. 

We are settled into a beautiful spot in the park, right on the Gros Ventre (grow-vont) river. The area is filled with aspens and cottonwoods just turning their beautiful golden fall colors and wildlife is abundant, if not a little too close for comfort when a massive moose wanders not 10' from the mhome each day. Now we look for this guy every day at early morning and sunset. So far we have seen him every other day or so. 

We have spent our days wandering to all the areas of the park that we could get to in the jeep. The 4-wheel drive has allowed us to meander up some roads that didn't look like they had seen any traffic in quite a while. 

Notes: Gros Ventre Campground - Inside Grand Teton Park $14.25 per day with Senior Access Pass (half price). No hook-ups, but there is water and a dump station at the entrance. They do have FULL Hookup available, but 58.00 a day is to spendy for our frugal ways. Handles all size rigs, tents too. We had no trouble getting in Late September-Early Oct, but I would imagine it is impossible in the summer without reservations. We choose this campground as it is in the southernmost part of the park, easily accessible to Jackson Hole. 14 day limit. Closes October 14, 2018 for the season.

We did find Forest Service land not far from the park, but this would definitely not accommodate our size rig (40'). If you are in a smaller rig, or tent, it has a beautiful direct view of the Tetons, and IT IS FREE - 14 day limit.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today, and remember, photo cards/prints are available of any image you may like :}